The Dragonfly Home


Video produced by DestinyCreative.Co. Produced and Directed by Jason Baffrey. Written By Katy Baffrey.

Follow the stories of two young women with very different experiences in the darkness of human trafficking. Their stories show a small glimpse of the reality of human trafficking in Oklahoma, as well as throughout the United States. However, The Dragonfly Home has seen firsthand that hope and restoration are possible! When those who have suffered this horrific crime gain access to safe people who will listen and believe, as well as provide specialized assistance, a future of freedom can become a reality.
The Dragonfly Home is Oklahoma City’s only state-certified non-profit dedicated to serving survivors of human trafficking. We serve women, men, and youths who have been sex trafficked and/or labor trafficked all over the country.
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Special thanks to Michael Snowden, Agent in Charge, Human Trafficking Unit, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics
Skills: Communications, Identity, Video
Client: The Dragonfly Home